List Of Dubai RTA Nol card Fines How and Where To Pay The RTA Nol Card Fine

RTA Nol card Fines: If you get fined for not having your copy of your RTA Nol card Fines on you when driving in Dubai but don’t know what the fine actually is or where to pay it, then this article will help you.

If you’ve got an RTA Nol card Fines before the fine is deducted from your account. It’s important to keep an eye on how much you owe at all times, as if there are any changes, you’ll need to pay the fine directly from your card.

RTA Nol Card Fine Service Center

Fines can be paid at any RTA Nol card Fines service center or through the RTA website. You can also pay fines by using the RTA Dubai official mobile app. To pay the fine online or through the mobile app, you will need the RTA Nol card Fines reference number and the vehicle or card number.

Here is a list of fines associated with the Dubai RTA Nol card Fines:

  1. Fare evasion: AED 100
  2. Using an expired Nol card: AED 100
  3. Misusing a Nol card (e.g. lending it to someone else): AED 100
  4. Damaging a Nol card: AED 100
  5. Misuse of a Gold Nol card: AED 500
  6. Misuse of a Silver Nol card: AED 250

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